Upper Mohawk Valley Regional Water Finance Authority

Personnel Policy

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Personnel Dept

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Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action


FEBRUARY 15, 2013

  1. Scope
    This policy is applicable to all employees of the Mohawk Valley Water Finance Authority.
  2. Purpose
    The intent of this policy is to provide an understanding and awareness to all of our employees that the Mohawk Valley Water Finance Authority, (hereafter referred to as the “Authority”) is an equal opportunity employer, whereby employees enjoy a workplace environment with equal treatment, free from prejudice relative to all aspects of employment. In unison with Goal #4 of this organization’s strategic plan the objective of this policy is to provide a creative, productive, rewarding and safe workplace for all employees.
  3. Policy
    The Authority is wholeheartedly committed to equal opportunity employment in both principal and practice.
    It is the policy of the Authority to execute all employment functions ranging from but not limited to recruitment, hiring and promotions as well as all other terms, conditions and privileges of employment without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, physical disability or national origin.
    Further the Authority is committed to the intent and spirit of compliance of all Executive Orders, Federal, State and other Civil Right Legislation.
  4. Affirmative Action
    It is important that the Authority’s performance at all times reflect the objectives of the above stated policy. To this end the Authority pledges to maintain complete compliance with all regulations relative to Affirmative Action.
  5. Reporting Requirements
    The Authority shall provide reports, as required, to all appropriate Federal. State and governmental agencies. Such reports will cover hiring, compensation of workforce by job category, promotions and any other subject matter as required by said agency.
  6. Recruiting The Authority has established relationships with the Oneida County Department of Personnel (the jurisdictional authority which presides over the Authority within the New York State Civil Service system) as well as N.Y.S. Employment Services. The Authority identifies itself in advertising material as an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  7. Assignment and Promotions
    All job assignments and promotions shall be made in compliance with NYS Civil Service Law without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, physical disability or national origin.
  8. Community Relations
    When appropriate, the Authority’s management in its relations with community organizations and other civic groups will express its policy of equal employment opportunity.
  9. Enforcement It shall be the duty of all supervisors and managers to act in a manner prescribed by this policy. The Director of Personnel is responsible for ensuring that this policy is duly executed by all members of management and that all and any actions taken by the organization are in complete compliance with this policy.