Upper Mohawk Valley Regional Water Finance Authority

Board Members & Committees

Finance Authority Board Members

Name Title Term Expires Appointed By
image Vincent Gilroy, Jr. Vincent Gilroy, Jr. Chairman 12/31/2024 The City of Utica Common Council
image of Thomas J. Nelson Thomas J. Nelson Vice Chairman 12/31/2024 The Mayor of Utica
image of BoardLogo Mitchell Ford Treasurer 12/31/2024 The Towns of New Hartford and Whitestown (Current Appointment by the Town of New Hartford)
image of Eric Linder Eric Linder 12/31/2023 The Oneida County Executive

Finance Authority Committees

Audit Committee Governance Committee Code of Ethics Committee
Established February 13, 2013 Established February 13, 2013 Established February 13, 2013
Eric Linder Joseph Silberlicht To be elected
Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Vincent Gilroy