Water Quality

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About Water Quality

Mohawk Valley Water Authority’s Water Quality Department is responsible for all treatment and distribution water quality. The department is charged with maintaining compliance with the drinking water standards of New York State and the US EPA. Laboratory staff perform thousands of tests each year on your water to ensure the highest quality continues to be delivered to 126,500 customers.

The water source is Hinckley Reservoir, a 25-billion-gallon reservoir collecting water from a 374 square mile watershed, much of which lies in the Adirondack Park. This source provides MVWA customers with an abundant amount of water to support all quality of life and economic development in the region. While protected from many of the pollutants that come from agricultural or urban-based settings, the water is high in organic content and color that must be treated. Our partnership with Veolia North America to perform daily operations and maintenance at the water treatment plant ensures the water we provide is of superior quality.