water kettle BOIL WATER ADVISORY - Message Line: (315) 792-0301, option 3
There is an existing BOIL WATER ADVISORY for a portion of Chadwicks.


Due to a main break at the intersection of Oneida Street and Grange Hill Road, MVWA customers in the following area are under a Boil Water Advisory: Oneida Street, from Grange Hill Road to the Paris Town Line; Grange Hill Road; Elm Street, from Oneida Street to #9541; Brooks Lane; Church Street; Pear Street; Hamilton Street; Hamilton Place; School Street; Kay Circle; Florence Court

The Boil Water Advisory will be in effect for the affected area for approximately 48 hours until laboratory testing confirms that the advisory can be lifted. During this time, customers are advised to boil their water for at least two minutes before using it for drinking or cooking.

Customers are also advised against using any water that appears cloudy or discolored - especially hot water, since such usage will draw the water into the hot water tank, which may require customers to flush their tank once clear water becomes available. Customers should also avoid washing their clothes in discolored water, since it may contain sediments that could permanently stain their laundry.

Following a return to normal pressures, a boil water advisory will be in effect for the affected area until tests show the water is free from contamination.


Saturday 3/30
Utica WATER OFF at 6:40 AM RESTORED at 12:15 PM

Rutger Street & Howard Ave

Tuesday 3/26
Utica WATER OFF at 1:15 PM RESTORED at 3:10 PM

Mortimer street from Conkling ave. to Brinckerhoff ave.

Saturday 3/23
Chadwick WATER OFF at 7:35 PM RESTORED at 12:05 AM

Oneida St South of Grange Hill from house #9239 to the town of Paris Lane

Friday 3/22
Washington Mills Main Break at 4:00 PM RESTORED at 5:20 AM

Oneida St - From Grange Hill to Paris Town Line
Elm St - From Oneida St to 9541 Elm S. , Including School , Hamilton, Church, and Pear Streets
Kay Cir
Florence Ct

Wednesday 3/20
New Hartford WATER OFF at 12:25 PM RESTORED at 5:15 PM

100 Block of Oxford Rd, between Kellogg and Tibbitts Rd

Tuesday 3/19
Utica WATER OFF at 2:00 PM RESTORED at 4:20 PM

500 Block of Deerwood Rd

Tuesday 3/19
Utica WATER OFF at 9:05 AM RESTORED at 10:10 AM

240' North of Derbyshire Place

Tuesday 3/19
Utica WATER OFF at 9:10 AM RESTORED at 11:15 AM

270' North of Arthur St

Friday 3/15
Utica WATER OFF at 6:30 PM RESTORED at 7:30 PM

1913 Briar Ave

Friday 3/15
Utica WATER OFF at 5:30 PM RESTORED at 7:30 PM

Memorial Parkway to St Jane Ave

Friday 3/15
Utica WATER OFF at 10:50 AM RESTORED at 7:30 PM

St Jane Ave from Pleasant St to James St

Wednesday 3/13
Utica WATER OFF at 11:05 AM RESTORED at 12:00 PM

Bleecker St & First St

Friday 3/8
Utica WATER OFF at 3:55 PM RESTORED at 5:25 PM

1809 Guelich St

Friday 3/8
NY Mills WATER OFF at 2:10 PM

17 Mill Place

Friday 3/8
N Hartford WATER OFF at 12:01 PM RESTORED at 13:55 PM

1711 - 1725 Sherman Drive & Taber Road

Tuesday 3/6
Utica WATER OFF at 8:30 AM RESTORED at 10:45 AM

Roberta Lane

Tuesday 3/5
Utica WATER OFF at 8:50 AM RESTORED at 1:30 PM

NW corner of Tilden Ave

Friday 3/1
Frankfort WATER OFF at 8:55 AM RESTORED at 5:15 PM

915' East of Pitcher Street

hydrant HYDRANT INSPECTIONS / FLOW TEST Fire hydrant inspections may cause discolored water. Customers living in these areas are advised to check their cold water to see if it’s clear before drinking or doing laundry; and not to use hot water if their cold water is discolored.
There are currently no Hydrant Inspections or Flow Tests Scheduled at this time.