Capital Improvement Program

Distribution System SIPP Rehabilitation

Phase 1 Project

pipe lined epoxy inside main line over gravel before being replaced

Work included rehabilitation of approximately 3500 linear feet of 6” & 8” diameter water mains on Ashland Avenue, Arlington Road, and Crestway.  These existing water mains that were rehabilitated were originally installed in the 1920s through 1950s and have had a history of high break frequency.  All existing tuberculation buildup was removed in the mains prior to rehabilitation. 

For this location the rehabilitation system comprised of a Class III Semi-structural spray-in-place epoxy pipe lining system that met all NSF61 criteria.

temporary pipe being run to homes while work is being done

portable work station and temporary water tank for residents

two men working in pit

inside the 1920's pipe showing build-up

man next to temporary work truck in background, open pit in foreground

drainage pipe and hose

close up of drain pipe sticking out of ground