Capital Improvement Program

Deerfield Tank Slope Stability

Completed July 2022

The Deerfield Tank Slope Stability project involved the repair of drainage system deficiencies and slope instability at Deerfield Tank Site in the Town of Deerfield. The Deerfield Tank Site has exhibited slope-related deficiencies in recent years leading to a increased rate of erosion that has exposed previously buried infrastructure.

Design for the project started in 2021 by Ramboll Group and included slope protection directly behind the storage tank, improved stormwater drainage away from the tank and a complete overhaul of the gully system that transports the stormwater from the tank site down to Reall Creek.

2 shadows overlooking project

right side of tank sloping down

left side of tank sloping down
machine moving gravel

left side of tank sloping down, tress in backgroung, drainage cover in foreground
backhoe and excavator working near tank and drain cover

supervisor overseeing backhoe next to tank

looing at drain slope path up tp tank