Capital Improvement Program

Phase 2 Raw Water Mains – Hinckley to WTP

June 2020

The new 54” Raw Water Main will meet future demand needs under all Reservoir levels, improve reliability and drought resiliency. Photos are of the underwater and shoreline areas in the Prospect Power Pool below Hinckley Dam.

river with gravel to left, blue line drawn from foreground to tree line representing the transmission route

Transmission Main Route under Prospect Power Pool. Original West Canada Creek Crossing Location.

pools of water on left and right of a mud and stone pathway in center

Transmission Main Route Approaching Prospect Dam. Main will go around Dam to the right.

shorelin on left made up of gravel and trees,  lake water on right

Transmission Main Route along Shoreline.

from shoreline looking out across a long river

Transmission Route Near Recreational Access Ramp.