Capital Improvement Program

Marcy Reservoir Breaching

May 2020

The Marcy Reservoir, in service from 1915 to 2011, has been replaced by a Water Storage Tank and is being decommissioned. This will result in the Reservoir being removed from the NYSDEC list of Regulated Dams and eliminate significant MVWA inspection and maintenance obligations. 

large green hill, with bulldozer and man on top of hill yards away from each other

First earthwork cut into the Reservoir Embankment. All work is being completed by MVWA crews.

bulldozer leveling hill using erosion control fabric

Cutting the Reservoir Embankment. Note Erosion Control Fabric.

far away shot of tank in background surrounded by muddy field

Placing cut material inside the Reservoir.

excavator in center of new embankment

Near final elevation of new embankment grading.