Capital Improvement Program

Large Valve Replacement Program

All work completed by MVWA Crews

very old, soiled covered gate valve 
                    in foreground, MVWA trucks in bacKground

The 100-year-old 24” Gate Valve on Maynard Drive was leaking and replaced with a new valve. The main in this area operates at 170 + psi. A second 24” valve was installed at the same time by a second crew near Linda Drive. These valves will significantly reduce the area impacted by shutdowns including the pending Linda Drive and Railroad Crossing Main Replacement.

compare gateraid bottle cap agaist diameter of 24 inch cast iron pipe

100-Year-Old 24” Cast Iron Pipe

soring up put for work saftey

Safety Shoring at Work Area

installed valve

New 24” Butterfly Valve Installed
New Couplings Used to Connect to Existing Mains