Capital Improvement Program

Cavanaugh Road 24” By-Pass Water Main

Completed June 2020

tank in background, man and excavation claw in center, 
                large red pipe-sleeve on plywood in foreground

Preparation to mount Tapping Sleeve & Valve on existing 4” main outlet from Cavanaugh Road Tank

2 men in cement pit with pipe through center being lowered by excavation claw

Setting new Magnetic Meter Assembly in Concrete Chamber

carfully dug hole showing removed broken water main, eath moving machines and 
                two men in background next to buildings

Excavation for connection to existing 24” water main. 100 + year old main was found in very good condition.

Connections installed with two (2) new 24” 
                isolation valves

Connections installed with two (2) new 24” isolation valves. Concrete thrust blocks poured to include stabilize pipe against pressure induced movement