Minutes – November 19, 2018

Chairman DeLia called the meeting to order at 5:02 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Present: Dennis Bova, Bruce Brodsky, Dave Corr, Vincent Coyne, Elis DeLia, Mark Ford, Richard Karam, Bette Szesny and John Wallace. Absent: Eric Kane and Frank Mutolo. Rocco Arcuri arrived at 5:05 after approval of minutes. Also Present: Richard Goodney, Anne Milograno, Phil Tangorra, Jim Korfonta, Scott Gorgas, Ken Bobrow, Esq., Jon Arnott and Mike Burke.

Chairman DeLia presided and Suzanne Harmon took the minutes.

Approval of the October 22, 2018 Minutes

Motion made by Ms. Szesny to approve the minutes. Seconded by: Mr. Bova.
Vote: (9) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (3) Absent Motion Carried.

Resolution: Amend Industrial Rate Schedule

It has been determined that the Water Usage Rate for Industrial Billed customers in the schedule of rates, fees and charges for Tier 2 was incorrectly listed as $18.32 per 1,000 cubic feet. Using the projected revenues as established by the 2019 Budget process the correct Industrial Rate should have been set at $15.34 per 1,000 cubic feet. Notice was duly p0ublished and filed as required, for a public hearing concerning the establishment of the rates, fees and charges of the MVWA for the furnishing of water and services effective January 1, 2019, which hearing was held in the MVWA Board room at 5:00 pm on November 19, 2018. The opportunity for public comment was provided and no one appeared. All other rates, fees and charges shall be unaffected.

Motion made by Mr. Coyne to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Ford.
Vote: (10) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (2) Absent Motion Carried.

Resolution: Establishing the MVWA as “Lead Agency” Pursuant to SEQRA Relative to the Snowden Hill Road Water Storage Tank

The Authority is hereby established as Lead Agency for purposes of SEQRA relative to the construction of a 1.2 MG pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete tank at the Snowden Hill Road Tank, along with several strategic water main improvements consisting of approximately 2,500 feet of new 12-inch below grade pipe along Snowden Hill Road and replacement of approximately 4,000 feet of 6-inch with new 8-inch pipe along Oxford Road, Hoffman Road, Terrace Hill Drive and Paris Road , as well as a gravel access road, meter vault, control building, fencing, drainage swales and a storm water management basin in the Town of New Hartford, Oneida County, New York.

Motion made by Mr. Corr to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Arcuri.
Vote: (10) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (2) Absent Motion Carried.

Resolution: Accepting Parts 2 and 3 of the Full Environmental Assessment Form and Issuing “Negative Declaration” Pursuant to the SEQRA Relative to the Snowden Hill Road Water Storage Tank

Based upon the foregoing investigation of the potential environmental impacts of the Project and considering both the magnitude and importance of each environmental impact there indicated the Authority makes the following findings and determinations with respect to the project. The project will result in no significant environmental impacts and, therefore is one which will not have a significant effect on the environment. The Authority has decided to prepare a “Negative Declaration” with respect to the Project.

Motion made by Mr. Corr to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Arcuri.
Vote: (10) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (2) Absent Motion Carried.

Committee Reports

Mr. Korfonta stated that consumption is up 2.5% compared to last year. Above budget with water sales and cash flow is good.

Executive Director’s Report

  • Mr. Becher we have talked in the past about selling certain modules in our system or allowing outside agencies to use it. Three agencies are interested in potentially becoming users of our work order system. The MVWA could load their accounts into our system into a segregated area where we wouldn’t see their information and they wouldn’t see ours. We would need a municipal shared services agreement, which Ken Bobrow would draft and set-up pricing information. Mr. Becher would like to have a Finance Committee meeting to discuss pricing and get member feedback. Chairman DeLia would like this to go to the Finance Committee and bring recommendations back to the Board.
  • Mr. Becher stated that he met with the City of Utica to improve their ISO. They give ratings for fire protection. A component of that is information on hydrants and fire flow, the MVWA will work with the City to get them the information that they need.

At the Boards request, Jon Arnott and Mike Burke from SUEZ gave an update on the first year of operating the Water Treatment Plant. (Presentation attached)

Mr. Brodsky stated that the Audit Committee met to appoint an auditor for the next three years. The MVWA received four bids for accounting services The Audit Committee has decided to re-appoint BST.

BST has been notified and moving forward. Chairman DeLia stated that the Audit Committee has the authority to do what they did.

The January and February Board meetings will be combined and held on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 5 PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Suzanne M. Harmon, Secretary
Mohawk Valley Water Authority