Minutes – July 17, 2017

Chairman DeLia called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Present: Rocco Arcuri, Bruce Brodsky, Vincent Coyne, Elis DeLia, Eric Kane, Richard Karam, Frank Mutolo and Bette Szesny. Absent: Dennis Bova, David Corr, Mark Ford and John Wallace. Also Present: Richard Goodney, Phil Tangorra, Jim Korfonta, Scott Gorgas, Anne Milograno and Ken Bobrow, Esq.
Bruce Brodsky arrived during the Executive Director’s Report.

Chairman DeLia presided and Suzanne Harmon took the minutes.

Approval of the June 19, 2017 Minutes

Motion made by Mr. Brodsky to approve the minutes. Seconded by: Mr. Ford.
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

MVWA Participation in Joint Westmoreland and Kirkland Water Extension Project

The Towns of Kirkland and Westmoreland are pursuing a joint project which will eventually extend water mains a distance of over 8 miles from the Regional Water System on Route 5, Route 233, Robinson Road and on to several side streets. The project will add approximately 200 customers to the water system with 120 being added in Phase 1. The Towns are jointly attempting to obtain grants and loans from State and Federal agencies for funding of this project which is estimated to cost $7.5 million. The towns have requested that the MVWA commit $25,000 toward the cost of the project.

The MVWA shall commit $25,000 from its Capital Construction Fund toward the project if approved by the involved Federal and State Agencies, funding is received, and contracts for construction are awarded by the Towns.

Motion made by Mr. Arcuri to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Coyne
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Approval: Rate Consultant

The Amawalk Consulting Group, owned by Edward J. Markus submitted their proposal to continue to assist the MVWA by providing financial, management and rate consulting assistance on an as-needed basis for three years beginning with the upcoming Fiscal Year 2018. The basic work includes the annual review of budgets and rates. The firm will update its previous analysis of the annual and year-to-date consumption, billings, collections, expenses, debt service, capital commitments, construction and operating cash flows as part of its review of the proposed budget and rates for each year.

The proposed fees and expenses for the work for Fiscal Year 2018 will not exceed $6,090. For Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020, the proposed fees and expenses will not exceed $6,270 and $6,460 respectively.

Motion made by Mr. Arcuri to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Coyne.
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Approval: 1st Quarter Investment Statement

Mr. Korfonta stated that this is an investment statement of the MVWA trust funds. The Board has been presented with these statements every quarter for approval.

Motion made by Mr. Arcuri to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Mutolo.
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Committee Reports

Finance: Mr. Korfonta stated that the MVWA is at their half way point for the year. Consumption is even compared to last year. Revenue is up a couple hundred thousand and cash flow is good.

Operations: Mr. Mutolo stated that there was an RFP put out for general networking services for annual maintenance. The committee met on the 13th to discuss the cyber security analysis mandated by the New York State Department of Health. Ken Bobrow, Esq. is looking into professional liability insurance and for performance bonding. There are interviews set-up on August 3rd with the larger bidders to discuss the parameters of their bid. The committee will keep the Board updated.

Executive Director’s Report

  • Mr. Becher stated that last month we completed the contract for the operation of the Treatment Plant with SUEZ. All of the MVWA employees at the Treatment Plant were offered positions with SUEZ. SUEZ will be on site August 1st for the transition and there will be a joint media release. We will keep the Board updated with the schedule for that day.
  • Mr. Coyne asked if there was anything new on the Prospect property evaluation. Mr. Bobrow stated that he hired a gentleman to do an appraisal and should have that before the next meeting.
  • Mr. Becher stated that an issue was raised about the protection of the MVWA’s data with SUEZ. Mr. Becher stated that he spoke to SUEZ’s attorney and there will now be a clause in the contract to protect the MVWA date which belongs to the MVWA and will not be shared with anyone else.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:19 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Suzanne M. Harmon, Secretary
Mohawk Valley Water Authority