Scope of work: Replace the existing fire alarm and detection systems at the Mohawk Valley Water Authority Hinckley Water Treatment Plant. Bidder must be licensed for the installation of fire systems in the State of New York and be an authorized installer for the product supplied. Authorization letter from manufacturer required upon request. Systems shall be UL listed, Factory Mutual Approved, National Fire Protection Association, National Fire Alarm Code, Americans With Disabilities Act, and NFPA standards compliant.

Sealed Bids are subject to the conditions contained herein will be received by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA), Information Technology (IT) Department, up until and no later than 11:00 am local time on Monday, May 17, 2021 and then read in the MVWA main conference room for the following, as described in the specifications: 2021 Fire Alarm Detection Systems (Furnish and install fire alarm and detection systems replacement and upgrade).

Bidding documents may be obtained from the MVWA at no charge by emailing Bids at MVWA. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, bids will be opened via Video Conference. All bidders will be provided a link to the meeting.

Proposals shall be submitted only on the forms supplied and shall include a five percent (5%) bid security in a form described and shall be received only from persons who obtain bid documents from the MVWA and are duly registered on the list of bidders.

MVWA reserves the right to revise or amend the bidding documents prior to the date set for bid openings. The MVWA may reject any bid if in its judgment the resources, financial standing, or experience of the bidder justifies such rejection in view of the work to be performed.

Packages containing bids must be sealed, marked, and addressed to the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, IT Department, Attention: JJ Roy, 1 Kennedy Plaza, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Utica, New York 13502. Packages containing bids that are delivered by courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.) must be delivered to the MVWA Information Technology Department, 3rd Floor Office. The Board reserves the right to waive any informality and reject any or all bids.

Any inquiries can be emailed to Bids at MVWA.