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Distinguishing Features of the Class:

This position exists at the Upper Mohawk Valley Regional Water Board, and is routine manual work requiring physical endurance and willingness to work under difficult weather conditions during emergencies. Instructions are received regarding the work to be done, and in cases of new or unusual work, how to do it. The work is performed under immediate supervision, although a supervisor may not be present at all times. Supervision is not normally a requirement of this class. Does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities: (Illustrative Only)

  • Dig leaks, saws blocking and backfills openings;
  • Patches holes made by openings, and cleans street and sidewalks after repairs;
  • Assists in laying and maintaining water mains;
  • Cooks leadite, yarns joints, and otherwise assists in preparing and pouring joints;
  • Assists in making taps;
  • Assists in repairing hydrants, valves, pumps and related equipment;
  • Loads and unloads pipe and other material and equipment;
  • Drives truck and operates air hammer and tapping machine;
  • Cuts grass, shovels snow, sweeps garage, cleans machinery and performs a variety of buildings and grounds maintenance work.

Minimum Qualifications:

One (1) year of experience in manual labor.


Possession of an appropriate level, valid New York State Driver's License at time of appointment. This license must be maintained throughout appointment.

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